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Sector-Wide Collaboration

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Due to the Zaca Fire that began burning in San Rafael Mountains, California in July 2007, over 200,000 acres were burned away across populated areas in extremely steep and rugged areas in the Los Padres National Forest (LPNF). Consequently, wildlife habitats suffered greatly, particularly riparian habitats. As a result, The American Bird Conservancy and Paso PacĂ­fico partnered to answer the question, what is the best approach to rehabilitating wildlife in LPNF?


the strategic insights group was tasked in Fall 2017 to organize and facilitate a convening of over two dozen environmental and wildlife experts throughout Santa Barbara County, California, the first of its kind. The one-day event, called the Experts Workshop, aimed at determining how collaboration and revised policies could lead to an action plan to resolve wildlife rehabilitation at Los Padres National Forest. Through plenary and small group sessions, the Experts Workshop created a series of robust protocols for ideation, difficult conversations, debates and resolutions to take place among various stakeholders.


Partnerships. Open-dialogue. Shared resources. These are but a few of what transpired since the Workshop took place. With continued support and leadership from The American Bird Conservancy and Paso PacĂ­fico, the convenings will serve as a long-term model for collaboration and policy-making.

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